Assignment 3 Colour Me [Level 1, Unit 1]

The brief expects the designer to select any colour of their own choice, explore the colour more along with its complimentary colour as well as using the tints & shades created by mixing White & Black.  It’s also needed to explain the relevance of the meaning of colour to the designer & other viewers, using the colour, photographs, illustration & appropriate text to create a poster [297 mm x 420 mm].

Since childhood I was always fascinated by sky, stars, planets and astronomy overall. I always aspired to be an astronaut. The deep, dark blue sky glittering with stars and planets and yearned to reach for it…. I dreamed to work on the space station for research. During my childhood, the Russian space station Mir was already deployed. I also had read about the first Indian in space, Rakesh Sharma.  I was keen to learn more and more about astronomy and especially about the women astronauts. Later, as I diagnosed with brittle bones disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta, I couldn’t walk or sit on my own and became permanently wheelchair-ridden, thus my dream, my aspirations of being an astronaut and to do research shattered to pieces…. Yet, my love for science and astronomy never faded. I kept following the updates of ISRO, NASA, ESA, JAXA, SETI Institute and International Space Station (ISS). I always have been admiring the inspiring and remarkable work done by Women Astronauts, which are still very few.

Hence, I always felt connected to the space research and so, I have associated the deep, dark blue colour to space.

I have created poster designs featuring five female astronauts, using deep dark blue colour as main colour, orange as complimentary colour and used white and black colour to create tints and shades of deep, dark blue. I have used the colours in reverse way too, to create better visual effects. I have followed the condition of the brief to use limited colour palette.

I also used clipart to elaborate the message –

I have used CorelDRAW, a vector software to create the layouts of total three variants of poster designs along with the final one and edited the photos using Corel PHOTOPAINT, an image editing software.

The female astronauts featured on the posters :

  1. Kalpana Chawla
  2. Valentina Tereshkova
  3. Sally Ride
  4. Samantha Christoforetti
  5. Chiaki Mukai

I have also included statements by these five female astronauts on the poster design.

I have researched, read & gathered their required information through Google, Wikipedia & some articles about the female astronauts.

I have selected the five female astronauts & their statements to feature on the poster designs, along with the photos of space shuttle & International Space Station [ISS] & have put up a tagline ‘Dream Big !’ as it all reflects the inspirational message gained from the work by these five female astronauts. They have broken stereotypes & been motivating young girls to aim higher, to break the barriers & to achieve a great success.

Rough Sketches :


Poster Designs :

Poster 1 –

Assignment 3.1

Poster 2 –

Assignment 3.2

Poster Design 3 [finalized] –

Assignment 3.3