Assignment 2 Thinking of You [Level 1, Unit 1]

 Requirement : Greeting-cards of unusual, non-conventional themes or events.

Dimensions : A4 [1 sided cards] with envelope].

Brief : Unusual themes, non-conventional ideas should be manifested. a suitable sized enveloped should be created too along with those cards. The message on the cards should convey the sentiment using the images, graphics & text through the layout. The orientation can be portrait or landscape & the card can be folding or one sided, non-folding like a postcard. The use of appealing, suitable colours should be seen through the layout.

Rough sketchings are created after the analysis of the brief, for developing the ideas :

Assignment 2 rough sketchings

Software used to create the cards : CorelDRAW.

Tools : Pen/pencil on paper. Digitalized in CorelDRAW using freehand tool, shape tool, basic shapes tool. Fountain fills are applied using gradient tool. Solid plain colours are also applied. Text is conveying the messages & the sentiments expressed in the cards.

Fonts used :

Arial, Batang, Cylbum Regular, Adobe Fangsong Std R, Adobe Arabic, Dancing Script OT, MS Gothic, Ballpark, Megalopolis Extra, JohnHanockCP, Corinthia, ChopinScript.

Keywords : greeting cards, unusual, non-conventional, themes, envelope, images, graphics, fonts, texts, attractive, appealing, colours, folding, non-folding.

Themes :

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. All the Best
  3. Deepawali / Diwali Festival of Indians
  4. Romantic birthday wishes

Cards Along with the envelopes :

Assignment 2 1


Assignment 2 2


Assignment 2 3

As per the tutor reports, I have changed a bit in this design as follows –

Assignment 2 3

Assignment 2 4