Assignment 1 Introducing Yourself [Level 1, Unit 1]

Postcard Size: A6 (fig.1)

Assignment 1 fig 1


Tools Used : Graphite pencils on paper & digitalised with CorelDRAW in vector format.

Explanation :

While colouring it digitally, I had kept in mind that the pleasantness of nature comprising of trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, sky, mountains, etc.] as well as cuteness of animals like rabbit, should reflect through the line roundness and colour combinations. Everything should be in harmony with each other. As I love the style of illustrations for children & character design, I tried to depict myself as I’m, wheelchair-ridden, but happy to spending time in the nature. I have been wheelchair-ridden due to a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), a brittle bones disorder. I have limited mobility. Yet, I love to travel & hence, I have visited many beautiful places. I love nature, trees, birds, flowers, rivers, sun & just everthing. So, I felt to introduce myself this way, just the way I’m.

Postcard Size: A6 (fig.2)

Assignment 1 fig 2

Tools Used : Graphite pencils on paper & digitalised with CorelDRAW in vector format.

Explanation :

I have limited mobility. So, my childhood was sometimes too lonely or due to my treatments & surgeries very frequently, I had less friends in childhood. So, my mother & father introduced me to the wonderful world of literature & books of all sorts. I love reading sine then. I love fiction, non-fiction, historic set-up books, detective stories, etc. even now, I love reading books which guide me to draw better & to create better graphics. I lave reading printed books as well as eBooks. So, I use Kindle also. I have a vast collection of books at my home, in English & Marathi (our regional language & my mother-tongue). So, I have tried to illustrate it through the design. I have used flat & minimalistic style throughout the design. I wished to maintain the balance & movement of viewing direction consistent throughout the design. Use of peaceful blue for the wall of the room to denote peaceful ambience necessary for reading, just like I have in my room at home.

Postcard Size: A6 (fig.3)

Assignment 1 fig 3

Tools Used : Graphite pencils on paper & digitalised with CorelDRAW in vector format.

Explanation :

I have limited mobility. In spite of all the hurdles, my mother & father tried to give me the best possible education that was available in our little town. I have completed B.A. (English, History) from the college affiliated to Mumbai University (India). I kept learning graphic design by self-study too after the completion of B.A. & completed a Diploma in DTP (DeskTop Publishing) through the correspondence from a private institute.Now, I work as a freelance graphic designer & run my own business from my home-office as Dzyn Studio since April 2011.I had participated in graphic design competitions held by Corel Corporation & my graphics won prizes three times. I have always wished to have more & more education. So, I have re-started my work after my mother’s tragic demise by cancer in 2016 & started to learn B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design by correspondence.

The colour yellow depicts the energy required to work, just like I have in my home-office. The use of perspective & viewpoints makes the overall design appear like a professional workspace.

I have maintained the flat & minimalistic style consistent throughout all the three postcards. I have tried to create two of them in portrait orientation while one of them in landscape orientation, to maintain the direction of elements in the design & its intention.I have avoided skeuomorphic style.

I have used the plain solid colours more & used fountain fills very less, just to maintain the minimalistic style consistent throughout the design. I have used the freehand tool to digitally sketch the rough sketch done on paper with pencil & pen.

As my tutor suggested, I have tried to arrange the last layout in portrait orientation to maintain the consistency –

Assignment 1 fig 3.1