Part 3 Research Point [Level 1 Unit 1]

Being a self-studied designer, I have  habit of collecting many samples of various designs (printed and digital) for example ads, packaging, labels, graphics, illustrations, flyers, posters, logos, book covers, sketches, paintings, drawings, etc. These collections have helped me to overcome artist’s block at times and also to keep the spark of creativity alive in me.

I have found innumerous styles and types that attract me. These collections have motivated me to improve my style of design.

I have realized that I have collected various types of designs by various designers, known and unknown. I’m interested in the designs that use illustrations, graphics, typography and vibrant as well as minimal colour palettes.

Through observations so far, I have understood that the hierarchy and layout should be balanced to attract the attention of viewers and also to increase the possibility of sell of the product by lucrative designs. The utility and innovative aspects are extremely important in the design. The designs should be memorable and transcend beyond the trends and classics.

The visual language is easy to understand and dominant throughout, represented through the following designs from my visual diary :


The package design for a spices powder product is made up of limited colour palette. The warm colour scheme used on white background and an apt photograph of the spices has made the design perfect for print. The well-balanced layout makes the visual language easier to understand.



The translucent design with uniform design on all bottles creates an illusion of fruits hanging up on the level of drink. The vertical alignment of the text is suitable. Uniqueness of such designs is the key factor to appeal the potential buyers, making them feel the temptation to try. This can be said as the success of visual dynamics resented in this design.


The simple shape of the bottle, limited colours,  and the simple layout of the design perfectly pair together, thus making it visually appealing. The simple sans serif font used for text makes it legible, by making the eyesight focus on only important text at the first glance.


The funky, graffiti style fonts, warm colours along with contrasting colours on the labels is visually attractive. Some text on some labels is not much legible though. The strong appeal of the visual dynamics of all the designs attracts the viewers.



The simple, minimal style of the package for a stylus is extremely user-friendly too. The window provides a sneak peak of the stylus inside. The limited colour palette, simple sans serif font along with logo is visually interesting overall and looks extremely professional. The utility is given importance as well.

The unique, intelligently-designed package design has a great utility value also. The attractive scheme of only limited colours and the die-cut petal shapes and cylindrical shapes become not just windows but also the holders of tangerines / oranges. Use of illustration and minimum text is seen. Overall, the visual dynamics is completely successful in catching the attention of viewers, buyers too.


The package design for a food-catering service is manifesting the warm colour scheme that stimulates appetite. The different style of box-design makes it visually appealing. The placement of logo at the centre balances the visual dynamics throughout the design layout.


The vibrant red background and the cute illustration of a Japanese girl wearing a Kimono and holding an umbrella is wonderfully reaching out to the viewers. It reflects the culture of Japan. The use of floral pattern represents the beauty. The use of light green colour adds a contrast.



The cute illustration created with sot lines, pale colours along with contrasts on the background of gray colour, is visualy appealing.


The gloomy ambience and mood is represented through the style of illustration and the pale colours. There is no focus on details in illustration, purposefully.



The background pale colour with pattern of polka dots, the colours overall, silhouette and floral illustrations reflects the retro style. Use of less text using the sans serif font, placement of logo is visually appealing.



The greeting card for the festival in India is designed using retro-styled illustration and repeated colours is inimalistic yet very attractive. The simple serif font is used for text.



The use of floral illustration and single colour on pale background makes this handlettered artwork reflect positive energy through the visuals.



The use of soft and flowing line strokes reflects the cuteness and tenderness of the baby through this illustration. It perfectly touhes the heart of the viewers. The use of facial expressions and gestures in this character design is wonderfully appealing.



The vibrantly colordul, cute, illustration is extremely pleasant and optimistic. It depicts the freedom during the childhood through perfect objects. The layout  of the design conveys a radiant energy to the viewers.



The negative space is wonderfully utilized in this illustration. The cuteness and the love tenderly reflects throughout the illustration.



The poster for a group exhibition of artworks by women artists is energetic with contrasting, complimentary colours throughout. The layout is different than usual.



The package design is unique as compared to the other packages for similar products in the markets. This design manifests black colour as a background, opposite to the trends. It experiments successfully with pairing of limited colour palette and food photography.



The minimalistic style with simple sans serif fonts, food photography and limited colour palette is attractive throughout the layout.



The food photography of spices arranged strategically together is vibrant and stimulates the appetite.



The vintage style or retro style reflects throughout this design of a poster. The colour choice and pairing of serif and sans serif fonts is wonderfully balanced along with the illustration.



The innovativeness and intelligence reflects throughout this poster. The visuals are interesting to catch the attention as the viewers explore the overall design and find many different objects that comprise the illustration representing the art of design.


The poster design is catchy, vibrant and full of illustration. The red colour denotes the colour of the planet Mars. The contrast of colours is visually appealing.



The typographic artwork using three colours [red, blue, yellow] on black background of this ad of a chocolate is wonderful piece of graphic design.



The book cover design with partial photograph of a clock and its hands represents the time span or history or past. The Serif font for title of the book and sans serif font for author’s name is perfectly paired, making it easy to read. The limited colour palette makes it visually appealing.



The abstract patterns on the pots provide a perfect and rare contrast to the brown background. The strategic positioning of the pots makes it visually attractive enough.



The wonderful, retro-styled unique poster for an orange-flavoured cold-drink, comprises of a stark contrast of mainly orange-coloured objects on a pale blue background. The main objects are centred, three dimensional in appearance and the warm colours paired with deep blue and green creates energetic appearance overall.