Part 3 Exercise Signs and Symbols [Level 1, Unit 1]

Brief : Read existing signs, symbols and images. Drawing on their current visual language, create new symbols. Research how existing visual language represent the concepts as well as different similes and metaphors that are in common use. Document them through drawings, collect examples and mind maps.

Create an alternative symbol to represent at least one of these concepts :

  1. Danger
  2. Movement
  3. Love
  4. Here

References : For a better understanding of this exercise, I have went through these links

Research : I have some graphics, illustrations, icons, symbols, images, etc. in my visal collections so for. Also, I have found some from Google and other resources found outdoors during travel.

(1) Danger :

(2) Movement :

(3) Love :

(4) Here :

Mind mapping : 


I have researched and found that there is scope to develop new icons for ‘Movement’ and ‘Here’. I have brainstormed and drew four different concept sketches for each. I have tried to develop the icon concepts in CorelDRAW as just line drawing in black and white, coloured and three dimensional each finalized icon.

(1) Movement : In the sketches, the dot represents static quality, that is lack of movement. The object that is static, has potential to move. So, the dot represents static quality of the object while arrow represents direction of movement which is represented by the line.


Icons1 p3, l1, u1

(2) Here : to represent the location, place, spot, distance relative between two different spots, the icon of ‘here’ proves helpful to pinpoint. The sharp, precise unique icon is needed to assert the perfect and exact spot.


Icons2 p3, l1, u1