Part 2 Research Point [Level 1, Unit 1]

I have studied graphic design basically for more than four years, by self study and also by correspondence for Diploma in DTP (Desktop Publishing) through a private institution. During that period, I had to self study and critically assess the designs I had created. During that time, I was amateur more than now. But, self criticism helped me a lot to improve as there was literally nobody to guide.

I seek critique from my father who is actually a businessman, an industrialist by profession but loves art and has good aesthetic sense, with knowledge of perspective through experience. He loves sketching but can’t pursue it due to his busy schedule. He always guides me well whenever I’m sketching and rendering graphics, designing for commercial projects. He provides honest, alienated critique. He guides me, if I’m confused about the appearance of the final result of graphic or design or painting or I discuss with him to find out whether any information is to be included or omitted. This helps me to create the design with precision and perfection, suitable for the need of the clients too and for my own personal projects. 

I also seek guidance and critique from the official CorelDRAW Masters and Artists like Joseph Diaz, Ariel Garaza Díaz, Roger Wambolt, Richard Reilly, Samuel Leon, Anand Dixit, Pratik Shah, Anastasiia Kucherenko, David Millisock, Adrian Juman, Kürşad Çakır, Dmitri Demidenko, (late) Silvio Gomes, etc. They have been my mentor and senior artist friends from official CorelDRAW Community ( since I had started for studying graphics. They always provide critique and also an encouragement to improve. 

Creative Critique is productive and helps to improve than spreading pessimistic mental pressure on the minds of creative artists.