Assignment 5 Your Choice [Level 1, Unit 1]

Three briefs are provided from which one of it is to be selected on worked on. So, I have selected the second brief to work on.

The second brief is about promotional design for a play Abigail’s Party which was later adopted as a movie/series. It was first performed in 1977. It was written, devised & directed by Mike Leigh. The original cast comprised of Alison Steadman, Tim Stern, Janine Duvitski, John Salthouse & Thelma Whiteley. The play is a reflection of suburban situation comedy of manners & a satire on the aspirations as well as the tastes of the new middle class that emerged in Britain in the 1970s.

As the play is set in 1970s, I decided to create all the promotional designs with retro theme. I gathered all the information regarding the play & acknowledged myself about it with the help of Wikipedia. I gathered the photos of the cast through Google.

To create the promotional designs, I used CorelDRAW, a vector-software for all the layouts of a poster [A3 portrait]. a flyer [A5 landscape, double sided], newspaper advert [A6] & programme cover [A5] required for the purpose of promotion of the play. I edited the photos of the cast with the help of Corel PHOTOPAINT, a photo-editing software & turned the photos in sepia tone converting the photos with duotone. I have created & used halftones [polka dots pattern] in the background & cliparts for pipe, cigar, drinks, record-player, etc. The colours reflect the retro theme [cream orange, pale cyan, deep Red, etc]. I have selected the fonts that suit the retro style & theme for all the text on the promotional designs, for example Arial, Batang, Hot Pizza, MS Gothic, Good Times, Action Is, Shaded JL, Humanst521 BT, Honest John’s. The venue, day, date and addresses are local and regional.

Sketches :



The Promotional Designs :

(1) Poster [A3 portrait] –

Assignment 5 Brief 2 A3 poster design

(2) Flyer [A5 landscape, double sided] –

Assignment 5 Brief 2 A5 flyer design side 1

Assignment 5 Brief 2 A5 flyer design side 2

(3) A6 Advertise Design –

Assignment 5 Brief 2 A6 advertise design

(4) A5 Programme Cover –

Assignment 5 Brief 2 A5 flyer design side 1